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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Where has this last year gone, since the previous Summer Newsletter?!…….. Here is this Summer 2021 Newsletter …….
I hope this post finds you and your families and friends well. An exhilarating ‘Freedom’ time for some, an anxious lifting of restrictions for others. I have to say, I ere on the cautious side of restrictions and will continue to practice in my clinic as I have done since lifting of lockdown 2020.

I want you, as a client visiting Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, to feel as ‘safe and comfortable’ as you can possibly be during a pandemic! If I feel confident that you are as safe as can be, then you will feel that confidence through my practice. Your time in clinic will be at a minimum with consultations continuing virtually. There is the ongoing routine of reporting a NEGATIVE Lateral Flow Test and replying to the Covid triage prior to your appointment. Wearing of a face mask, hand sanitising and temperature recording on entry to the clinic will continue.

To bring all the important information together, I have posted some links from previous blogs on this Summer 2021 Newsletter. For my regular clients, there is no change but a refresh of the information won’t harm! New clients and returning clients (post pandemic) will need to sign to acknowledge they have seen this information.

Terms and Conditions / Opt In / Security /  Cancellation Policy / Fire safety

Client Compliance

Loyalty Scheme

A healthy work life balance will always be good practise. While you sit at your desk reading this Summer 2021 Newsletter, be aware that your desk ergonomics are set up correctly for you! If you desk share, this check will need to be daily! Don’t be tempted to alter settings half way through the afternoon – It will be your posture that needs ‘resetting’! Take time to shuffle, move and even get up out of your chair to maintain a healthy working environment. Some stretching routines are available in my link here which I compiled from good sources back in February 2019! Incidentally, did you know that your seat in your vehicle needs to be ergonomically correct for good posture too! Check your seating before driving off! Oh and watch your posture when you are lifting, especially heavy items!

I qualified to KORE Therapy Consultant the day before we lockdown, Winter 2020. I have so many different options of treatment, ranging from Cupping, Amno Fu, Qi Gong, Tui Na Massage. These treatments are not for client personal choice but for necessity if your assessment warrants them! Let me explain through the Summer 2021 Newsletter; booking yourself in for a KORE Therapy session will start with a virtual consultation of your medical history and conditions of concern. You will be assessed in clinic and it is from the assessment, that certain treatments will be applied. Your KORE Therapy appointment is very much a bespoke session as your body receives exactly what it needs in terms of treatment to look for the root of the cause and not just treating symptoms! One example of treatment required is Cupping, which you can find further information at this link

I have recently received a new order of essential and carrier oils; the stock is back up and a good selection of aromas await you. (Don’t forget to renew your patch test if it is more than six months since your last aromatherapy massage! New clients will automatically require a patch test prior to their treatment appointment.) I have recently made a herb garden after hauling a couple of empty half whiskey barrels from Cornwall! (Marjoram to the right, going clockwise, chives, oregano, thyme, basil and lavender, which of course is a flower!)

I look forward to catching up with valued clients when they feel more confident to rebook and welcome new clients along the way. For those clients receiving regular treatment, stick with it, ‘KORE is Law’ and your body will relearn and rebalance itself!

Treatment Reviews and Recommendations 
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Client Compliance

• Business premises and treatment area

  • Consultations will be carried out over the telephone or via email prior to your appointment. (Approximate time 15mins).
  • Wash your hands before attending your appointment.
  • Prompt arrival is required or your appointment will either be reorganised
    or cut short to allow cleaning and accommodation for the next client.
  • New opening times reviewed regularly.
  • Only ONE client per appointment.
  • Please bring your own CLEAN towel / blanket / cushion if required as soft furnishings have had to be removed.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for both therapist and client to use throughout the appointment, especially after client contact and touching surfaces. Please ensure you use it.
  • Wear your own mask throughout the appointment. Your mask must be in place prior to opening the door and meeting your therapist and must be worn until leaving the premise.
  • NO mobile service will be offered.

Hygiene protocols – Defer your appointment if you display any COVID19 symptoms! You will not be given access to the premises or accepted for treatment. At least TWO weeks will be given prior to rearranging your appointment.

Help reduce the risk of exposure with a Pre Treatment Check.

  • The therapist will monitor her temperature every working day. Deferring clients if her temperature is raised above 37c. Your temperature will be taken on arrival. You will be deferred for appointment if your temperature is above 37.5c
  • Disposable apron, surgical mask and face shield will be worn at appointment by your therapist.
  • As an FHT member, high standards of hygiene are already practiced. Now, appropriate hand washing and guidance on minimising the spread of COVID19 is adhered to at all times.
  • Warm soapy water will be used to wash the couch down prior to and in-between clients, then wiped down with disinfectant.
  • Couch roll will be placed on the couch if clients are to lie on their front with their top removed to receive treatment.
  • The Holistic Room will be ventilated by opening the window and/or door between clients, particularly as the room is a small work area.
  • Payment will be contactless. NO CASH PAYMENTS will be accepted.
    PayPal – (add £2 to goods transaction)
    Scan Pay Go available (with a £2 surcharge).
    Regular Loyal Clients to continue with BACS transfers please. Many thanks. Payment to be transferred prior to consultation.

• Client Aftercare Advice

  • Remain vigilant with COVID19 symptoms; YOU MUST INFORM your therapist IMMEDIATELY if you find out you have been in contact with a COVID19 positive person prior to your appointment or develop symptoms. Likewise, if your therapist is in contact with a positive COVID19 person, you will be informed if it has been within the time frame of your contact.

• Business Policies / Insurance Requirements.

  • Risk assessment available online.
  • Codes of Practice available online.
  • Terms & Conditions / GDPR available online.
  • Insurance and membership continues with FHT

This information may be updated in accordance with government policy and FHT guidelines. Visit for details.
Last Updated: 6 April 2021

Captains Den News

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Here is your Summer 2020 Newsletter from Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den. What an unprecedented year we are all experiencing! I wonder what you have been up to during this time. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

Here at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, we left our keys so our lovely terraced cottage could have an upgrade on the bathroom while we went on holiday ……. We never went! We went into lockdown! Four months later, we move back into our house having gone through full refurb! Major safety concerns addressed!

We are nearly there… Nearly completed on the installations. Nearly ready for opening!

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den is Practicing Social Distancing; your respect for this is greatly appreciated. Wash your hands prior to visiting, always wear a mask on entry and during your stay, use the hand gel regularly and touch as little surface areas as possible.
*NB* Bathroom facilities will not be available at this time. 

Preparing to Return to Work;
Public Information
Washing Hands
Social Distancing
Check if you have COVID19 symptoms

A change in the available treatments at this time

Client Check List and Compliance with Appointments

Take a read of our Summer 2020 Newsletter for Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den

Captains Den News

Terms & Conditions

Captain’s Den follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25th May 2018, Written by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). (Replacing Data Protections Act 1998.) Please find these Terms & Conditions to guide you to best practice in Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den.

Client Consent  

I, Jan Hodgkiss, am a qualified KORE Therapy Consultant and Aromatherapist.

Specific information is required in order for me to carry out a detailed assessment of your needs, deliver your treatment and give appropriate self care advice.

This is a Statement of Consent for you, the client, to sign to OPT IN to treatment recommended by me, the therapist, at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den and follow advice given by me, the signed therapist, at the end of each session.
Consent must be given at each new appointment session to show understanding of each treatment and advice given.

You, the client, have individual control of whether to consent to receive the recommended treatment and the choice to OPT OUT of further treatment in the future. You, the client have the right to refuse treatment and withdraw from treatment at any time in line with the Terms & Conditions. (Only money for the booked session is required, as the cancellation policy states.)  

Captain’s Den data processing complies with the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT), their membership, insurance regulations  and the FHT Code of Conduct and Professional Practice, which clearly defines the high standards expected of FHT members, to record all treatment received by the client. 


You, the client, initially OPT’s IN to consent to having your contact information taken when you consent for an appointment either by phone call, text, email or messenger is taken. (over 18’s only). 

Medical history information is collected to assess your needs and treatment requirement. You are required to sign at each appointment to consent for updated information to be held.

You are required to sign for conformation of triage of Covid19 at each appointment and prior to appointment, confirm triage.

You are required to sign for Captain’s Den cancellation Policy. This is upheld throughout all of your appointments.

I, the therapist, intend to use your personal information for contact reasons and reference for all bookings ONLY.
(If referral is required, it is a two way consultation between ourselves and consent from you for the referral.) All in line with Terms & Conditions

I will record; name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, emergency contact and year of first booking to current year in my CONTACTS. 

  1. My CONTACTS; Your details are kept in an App on iPhone and MacBook and are backed up by iCloud. Booking details are held in Apple CALENDAR which are synchronised (name, treatment required) Apple have their responsibility and accountability for any data breach, according to their policies. I ensure I take responsibility and accountability on my part for holding on to your information and regular ensure my iCloud is backed up on all my devices. I have iCloud storage for mine and your data, protecting mine and your privacy. 

iPhone Security

  • The entire iPhone and MacBook are fully protected with encryption as I have passcodes. 
  • I keep updating the most recent iteration of iOS, (Apple incorporated product). 
  • I have my products activated to ‘find my ..’ product. 
  • IF my iPhone product were stolen and passcodes tried, the data will automatically wipe all content and thus make the smartphone useless to the hacker. 
  • I avoid opening any unknown links via text or email and do not answer unknown phone calls, unless a voice mail is recorded. 
  • I only store reputable Apps. 
  • Siri is disabled when iPhone is locked.

Social Terms & Conditions

  1. Birthdays may be acknowledged by Email, TEXT or Social Media, as preferred by client / Therapist (This may not always be possible). Please indicate your preference at your initial assessment and state if you do not wish to be contacted. 
  1. Periodic EMAIL communication will be sent out to inform you of any updates. (Always refer to the website ( for full up to date details and information.) If you have a preference, please indicate this ideally at your initial assessment. Emails will be sent either singularly or blind copy. Your address details will not be shared with other clients. NO personal client information gained from consultation and assessment will be sent via email. 
  1. Referrals of treatment or cost and receipt request; once signed for and written, give permission for the client to collect and deliver to the appropriate agents. This will incur a cost of £5.
  1. Social Media identification will only be highlighted by you, the client at your discretion. You will not be ‘tagged’ in any post by Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den. All personal correspondence will be encouraged via private message. 


All clients are encouraged to have a KORE Assessment at your first appointment. This is to establish your musculoskeletal health. An Aromatherapy Patch Test is encouraged and required, especially for all Aromatherapy treatments. (At least forty eight hours pre aromatherapy treatment is required prior to your first aromatherapy treatment. A lapse of six months, requires a further patch test as per Terms & Conditions).

Full Musculoskeletal Assessment is made at your first appointment and an action plan is collated. A reference is made during treatment for follow on appointments. It is up to the individual client to ensure follow up appointments are kept and full consultation, assessment and treatment continues for improved conditions and symptoms.

All paperwork information is kept in a lockable metal filing box for each individual client. This personal data of client information is used to refer to on future sessions and for clients referral, if required.

Online Consultation Forms, will be stored in Google Forms; secure privacy settings, two notification password secure.

If no further bookings are taken, client information will be kept for a minimum period of ten years after your final appointment. Your personal data records will then be deleted by shredding paperwork and deleting electronic records, this is in accordance with FHT insurance policy. In cases where there is any cause for concern – for instance, if the client had an adverse reaction during or after treatment – the records will be kept indefinitely.)  

You, the client, has the right to see the data stored and have the right to have changes made if incorrect. You need to inform the Therapist if there has been any changes to your personal information which can then be changed in your records. 

The information is not shared with anyone other than client and therapist on a one to one basis at each appointment. You, the client have a right to complain to the ICO if you feel the information I, the therapist retains is unlawful. It is the accountability of client and therapist to ensure all documentations are accurate to time of creating them. 

In the event of a break in to Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den property, the Police will be contacted. ICO and clients will be informed if any client details have been breached. 

Personal Business Audit of ‘where did you hear of Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den?’ will only be used to maximise marketing advertising. Testimonials may be used on Captain’s Den website ( to reflect good practise.

If at any time you, the client or the Jan from Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den feel the treatment is inappropriate or not benefitting your condition; appointments will be halted, referred or / and medical advice sort. There will be no detriment to your health or finances. You will only be charged for treatments received. Refer also to the Cancellation Policy. (Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment and advise.) 

You, the client accept all responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and treat the advice given as that and make choices to benefit your condition from this. You are also aware of the self care advice given at the end of your treatment and any healing crisis that may occur. If you are concerned of any health aspect at any time, It is your (the clients) responsibility to seek medical advice. 

Cancellation Policy

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den wishes to give all clients a flexible choice of appointment times and consultation. The Cancellation Policy reflects on good practice by all in keeping to appointment times arranged. Please follow these Terms & Conditions in respect of best practice.

‘If you cannot make your appointment, let someone else have the opportunity to attend.’

  • At least twenty four hours notice must be given to cancel or re-arrange an appointment. There will be no charge for this, although if left until the time of appointment, charges will occur.
    (Jan is a sole trader; this will give other clients the opportunity to book an appointment for therapist time and expertise.)
  • A missed appointment will be classed as a no show and will be invoiced at the full cost. Non attendance has to take into account for the preparation of the room; as if the appointment occurred.

Health, Safety and Hygiene. Fire Precautions Act 1971. 

Updated Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. (Public Review of Fire Safety Ref: GrTwr/Safety_2017)

The therapist is the designated responsible person for fire safety of clients at all times during the clients appointment. You, the clients must be aware of the nearest exit from Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den and Fire Assembly Point. You MUST exit the building by the nearest exit and meet in the designated areas if your life is in danger of fire. This is to comply with Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den Terms & Conditions.

EXITS for Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, Stone: FRONT / BACK doors.

If safe to do so, the therapist will ensure all doors and windows are closed to help prevent the spread of fire. Alert Fire Brigade 999, Client emergency contact, Therapist emergency contact. 

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den follow the General Fire Precautions by:-

  • Reducing the risk and likelihood of fire and spread.
  • Highlighting and maintaining a means of escape.
  • Supply a Fire blanket and Fire Extinguisher and regularly checking on their safety standards.
  • Have means of detecting Fires – Smoke Detector. Date tested. (HoS records)
  • Take action  by observing the Statutory Provision (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974)
  • Yearly chimney cleaning with certificate.
  • Candle safety awareness, only use of 4 hour candle burners in an appropriate candle holder.
  • Electrical Certificate held.
  • Follow the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service advise

Last updated: 6th April 2021

Captains Den News

Post Race Massage

It is nearly the start of the ‘Post Race Massage Season’ for Captain’s Den! Thanks to Mash Running, who have over the last couple of years supported and encouraged my presence!

This years ‘first’ race will be at a new venue for Captain’s Den; Wolverhampton Trial Half Marathon. Starting at 11am, 23rd March! Follow this link to find out further details.

A firm favourite is secured at The Chillington Hall ChallengeSat 1st June – 11.00AM. Follow this link for further details of this race!

Get your pre & post race sports massages!

Therapist Jan Hodgkiss will be onsite offering pre & post race sports massages for just £5!

Great to concentrate on specific areas of the body, or problem areas you may have.

I look forward to seeing you before and after the races, if you are there. Good luck. Most importantly, ensure you have trained adequately before race day!

Captains Den News


Cupping Therapy dates back centuries and has been widely used around the world. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates viewed cupping as a remedy for almost every type of disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, the use of cupping was expanded and included in surgery then in the 1950’s the Chinese confirmed its’ efficiency.

What are the benefits of cupping?
General the use of cupping is to loosen the muscle, encourage blood and lymph flow, Qi flow (energy) and nerve flow throughout the body. It is widely used to treat:-
‘trapped nerves’
Stiff muscles
Cold & Flu
Digestive issues

The most fascinating aspect of Cupping for me was the connection of the spinal nerve function, the areas or organ effected by the vertebral level and most importantly the possible symptoms a client could be experiencing.
For example:-
We can all relate to our upper spine being the area of concern if we have a headache but would you think of treatment to Cervical (C) 1 – 3 for auditory concerns?

What is Cupping?
Cupping is used to move stagnation, congestion which has accumulated through lack of movement. The elements for stagnation are food, fluids, Qi and blood.
Food stagnation can cause diarrhoea, constipation and a painful abdomen.
Fluid stagnation can cause similar to food stagnation but also oedema of the hands and feet.
Qi and blood stagnation can cause irritability, pain and depression.

What are the effects of Cupping?
Cupping works by a pull of low pressure onto the surface the body created by a vacuum. The vacuum creates an increase in blood circulation, a rise on skin temperature, the promotion of metabolism within the skin tissue, better functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands and the removal of stagnant old blood and toxins. As the toxins and stagnant blood are pulled up to the surface, healthy circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients, lymph and Qi are restored underneath.

What is observed?
Sometimes cupping marks can be seen in the areas that have had treatment. These can be red, purple, pink and when fading, paler marks. These marks are NOT bruising! (Bruising is caused by impact trauma compressed breakage of capillaries and leakage of red blood cells. They are also painful to touch). Cupping does not compress and damage does not occur internally or externally. The longer the static cupping or the intensity, the more discolouration may occur.

Captains Den News

Stretching Exercise; What have you been advised?

Many of us have visited the Doctor’s or seen a physiotherapist about pain we are experiencing in some part of our body. We are advised stretching exercise. Do we do them? How often? Do we do them until we feel ‘better’ then stop?

Here is a link from he Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website for patients and public. Which exercise have you been given?  

My advise – keep stretching every day of your life.

If for any reason you are experiencing tension, focus on where you have ‘pain’ and understand many ailments are caused by our repetitive poor posture. We need to address this and alter our posture before its repetitive poor alignment results in pain and disability!

So if you find you already do all of the above but still have pain, seek advise from your general practitioner, physiotherapist and then when you have mechanical concerns ruled out, make a booking to Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den for the advanced technique of Myofascial Release linked in with a massage (aromatherapy massage requires a patch test, six monthly expiry).

Email: for further details

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Massage as Part of Well – Being.

The Business

I focus my work on your well – being from home at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, so there are numerous days I do not ‘leaving the building’! I felt it was important for my wellbeing to ‘get out more’. I started walking on a regular basis, ensuring I continued to eat a well balanced diet and socialise. There I feel I have achieved a life time achievement of having a good work / life balance!

The benefits of being outdoors working became apparent to me after an invite to my first ‘race’ (I say in inverted commas, as I was not a runner). I wanted more of this experience as I felt enthused by the energies of the runners, their commitment and motivation. 2017 was a year of increasing my experience with being an events masseur. I was very grateful to Matt, my nephew for the initial push I required to steer me in this direction. I was proud to be supporting Joe and Craig; JC Race Solutions and meeting Mark and Ash, from Mash Running. My experience was beginning to unfold.

The Article

I now refer to an article in one of my Massage World Journals. It focuses on the professional skills required, the sense of humour and the ability to work under pressure. The opportunity to be part of a much bigger team (this, I feel is very important to remind oneself of respect and discipline.) The article refers to motivation, communication, learning and educational skills and mentorship.

I have, up until this year, worked alone since my business venture started. I have now taken my skills and knowledge out in the field and built up on my resources. This year, 2018, I will be shadowing and working along side other professionals. A great way to follow mentorship values. As the article states; extend, understand, question and consider how different scopes of practice merge together.

Up until last year, I had little experience in the sports world but from this article it seems massage is not a term used to describe their service. I use massage as a basis for my service but from my back ground experience of nursing, teaching and a massage therapist; there is a lot more to my service.

The Treatments

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den is the umbrella name for the services available. I advertise for aromatherapy massage, myofascial release massage, sports therapy, assessment, consultation and after care advise. In a nut shell, a lot goes into your booked appointment. A lot of skills, including communication, basic counselling skills, signposting, teaching, life long learning and much more. You, the client are looked at ‘holistically’. You may book for a certain treatment but the outcome will contain a great deal more for your health and wellbeing, physically and emotionally. Look at my reviews either on Google, FreeView, Facebook or by word of mouth to see what my clients think.

So, if you are a walker, runner, cyclist, climber, a club secretary, race director or have interest in massage as a tool to wellbeing, get in touch with Jan.

The Reference

Continual Professional Development; taken from reading. Massage World; Issue 98, 2017. Pg8- Massage as Pat of Medicine, Earle Abrahamson.

Captains Den News

Food, Mental Health & Well-being

From P22, International Therapist. FHT. Issue 108. Spring 2014

Food, mental health & wellbeing

Control blood sugar levels, boost energy & increase protein.

Love good fats & eat a rainbow of food everyday

Help the happy hormones and keep hydrated

Caffeine, smoking, sugar, alcohol & salt

Aim for a more balanced stress response for your body;
Antioxidant complex
B complex (in small amounts)
Magnesium, vitamin D, probiotics, Zinc & omega 3!

Captains Den News Special Offers

Loyalty Scheme

I have been asked; do I offer discount? I have a ‘Loyalty Scheme’ … I think this scheme is pretty competitive. So yes, I would say,
I do offer discount! I also reward if you recommend a friend too!

For every visit to the Holistic room receiving a KORE treatment or an Aromatherapy massage, you will receive a
Loyalty Scheme ‘Captain’s Den’ stamp.

***Gain five stamps and your sixth treatment session
will be discounted £5.***

If you have recommended a friend to visit
Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den to receive a treatment, once they have had their treatment or massage, on your next visit, you will receive £5 discount. Thank you for your Loyalty!

Contact Jan;
Holistic Therapy at 
Captain’s Den

Updated 06/03/2021