Consultation at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den

Contraindications; (reasons for your treatment not being carried out.) At each consultation, I will ask you to update your medical history. I ask this as aromatherapy can prevent massages being carried out owing to your medical conditions. If this is the case, a doctors note, referral or consent may be required for certain conditions. Some essential oils will not be used, especially for medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, allergies, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy or diabetes.

I will need to be aware of any skin disorders, scar tissue, burns, cuts abrasions, fractures or sprains experienced. Why? Carrier oil is used to mix the essential oils in, this base oils is going to be the nourishing aspect of your treatment. Certainly, new conditions would give cause for concern and warrant alternative appointment although old injuries may be aggravated but could be treated.


After Care Advise for aromatherapy treatment requires the client to relax and reap the benefits.

Following an aromatherapy massage, a client may have redness to the area of skin massaged. The circulation is increased to the area worked on and has increased blood flow. This is not the only effects which happen. You have heard of removal of toxins, well this is what happens…
  • Nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the area, increasing cell division, improving the cell condition and assisting in the removal of carbon dioxide and waste.
  • Lymphatic drainage is assisted, removing fluid retention and waste.
  • Nerve endings are stimulated, desquamation is aided.
  • Sebaceous glands are stimulated and produce additional sebum which will keep the skin supple and protected.
  • Muscle tension will be relieved owing to the effects of waste and toxic removal.
  • The warmth generated from the massage to the skin will cause the suderiferous glands to perspire , eliminate waste products.
  • Skin tone and elasticity will be improved.  

A lot goes into the action of a massage… Also, which ever essential oils are used, pends the effects the specific treatment delivered to the skin. Mentally a client can feel deeply relaxed, balanced, calm and relieved of discomfort. The effects can last for up to eight hours, giving the client a feeling of wellbeing.

Contra-actions to essential oils; reaction through photo toxicity, dermal irritation or sensitivity. (Patch Test required for New Clients. 48 Hours is minimal time to check for any sensitivity for any product treatment.)

  • Dermal, skin irritation; itching, redness or burning of the skin.