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It’s All About the Psoas!

Since being a #SportsTherapist and working with the #MyofascialReleaseTechnique, (MFR) I have realised what an important role our Psoas has within our body. Never hearing of this muscle before taking a yoga class a few years back, then gaining further insight into the  MFR technique, I cannot emphasise enough, how important it is for us all to stretch our Psoas!

So, where is the Psoas? We know from the previous paragraph that it is a muscle, but until now… can only hazard a guess…. or do you know where it is! It is situated at the front of the thoracic and lumber spine, attaching at the hip. It is so important in the movement of the spine, down or the hip, up.

The Psoas can be responsible for chronic back pain and poor flexibility, poor posture and inadequate movement of your legs. Keep your Psoas stretched regularly and it can become more flexible.

How can we ensure back pain is minimised? Keep moving and stretching! Build up your strength and reduce discomfort or even pain. So forget a sedentary life…. it will shorten your hip flexors! Move it or loose it!

A Video showing the Psoas Muscle and how to stretch it!

Source; International Therapist, FHT. Issue 122, Autumn 2017.
Foundation; Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain Move with Confidence. Dr E, Goodman & P, Park.

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Happy 80th Birthday to Our Captain!

Captain’sLog; Today marks the 80th birthday of Our Captain, Dennis!

Sadly, Dennis will not be joining the family get together tonight  in remembrance of this great man. He passed in August 2009 from complications of prostate cancer.

Now eight years on – Lets turn this disease on its head and shout out to all you men out there. Get your prostate check! Here’s some of the latest information from Prostate Cancer UK

Click on the links

Are you at risk?

Can I reduce my risk?

For much more information continue clicking on the links from the Prostate Cancer UK website. There is a wealth of information there for you and your family. You are not alone with this. Seek help from professionals and those diagnosed.

Further information and useful links


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I have just taken the first booking for 2018!!!!!

Feel like your life is moving too fast! Been running fast in your last race?

You could do with either a relaxing, rejuvenate and rebalance Aromatherapy massage or release the tension by encouraging  Myofascial Release so your muscle function improves

Book an appointment with Jan at Captain’s Den – Click here


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Captain Den

So, why is my business called Captain’s Den?

On the 13th August 2010, Captain’s Den registered at Stafford Borough Council. The business concept had been developing some years previously. At first, a venture that was completely different from what I had been employed to do. Something that I found was a real break from nursing and teaching.

I later decided, to be successful, ‘stick to what you know’. Advice given from a friend some years back. I took a diploma in Aromatherapy in 2012 and have never looked back.

So, back to the question… why is my business called Captain’s Den…. I named it after my dad Dennis. He passed in 2009, knowing I was working towards a business venture. My dad was my inspiration, my motivator, encouraging me every step of the way. Dennis was ‘My Captain’, the captain of our family ship. The inspiration for us all. Today marks the eighth anniversary physically without him but I can feel his spiritual presence daily. A true legend. Thank you for all the love and support you gave me over the years 🙏🏼

Captains Den News

Relax in a safe, warm environment to receive a bespoke message

Ever wanted to relax in a safe, warm environment and receive a bespoke message? Well you can at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den. Just a few minutes outside of the canal town Stone, Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den is situated along Oulton road. It is a home based business with owner Jan being your therapist. Your appointment is available by booking only and subject to no medical concerns.

Your environment is warm, along with the reception you receive. You will quickly relax into this  setting as Jan puts you at ease with her calm, open approach to your appointment. Your appointment is your time, time for you to stop doing and start being. Health and wellbeing starts the minute you book time for you.

What can you get from the appointment? A massage….. thats the physical action received but for your mental wellbeing, you stop and have time for yourself. Most aches and pains are caused through tension created by our activities and responses to actions. Depending on what you have been doing, your body will respond. A build up of tension will cause muscles to spasm but what occurs along the length and width of your body, if you don’t stretch regularly is the fascial band throughout your body become more tense. Your body is taken out of balance and subsequently, will compensate for a short time until there is no further movement without discomfort. Here I am talking of muscular aches and pain. (Seek medical advise if you have an increase of unexplained pain.)

Welcome to the Holistic Room….Click here.



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Cardiomyopathy Fundraising Event

What a pleasure to be involved in the Cardiomyopathy event on Sunday 9th July at The Floral Hall, Tunstall Park, Stoke on Trent. Kelly’s son has cardiomyopathy and many family and friends helped to make this event successful. She succeeded in raising over £2,000 on the day…. her gift page remains open.

I attended this event to offer taster massages. A gift of a £20 voucher was given for the raffle, as was a T-shirt and Hoodie. My husband, Phil Hodgkiss donated a signed copy of his novel ‘Better to have Loved’ 

What a great day was had by all. It was a pleasure to be part of the day and meet so many lovely people.


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Good bye LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good source of networking professional support and advertising. I no longer wish to receive recruitment requests. I love the good feedback from previous colleagues, thank you.

I have deleted my account but before doing so, I saved a screen shot of the pages. It’s a bit of nostalgia and saving of the lovely comments. I wanted to share this with you.


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Myofascial Release at Rodbaston 10k Saturday 8th April 2017!

I’m pleased to announce, I will be the Myofascial Release race masseur at the Rodbaston 10k! This event is organised by Mash Running;

I am offering 10 minute Myofascial Release massage for just a fiver. Book a pre or post race massage to release tension in your legs.

What is Myofascial Release? It is a treatment which works to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue. This will allow the muscles to work efficiently and allows chronic patterns of dysfunction to move more freely.

Myofascial Release Therapy has become a very popular technique in the last few years but available for hundreds of years!

Myo = muscle Fascia = band

” The Fascia proves itself to be the probable matrix of life & death.” A.T.Still. 1899

Dr Ida Rolf; the first to popularise fascial work. She found the application of very considerable force along the fascial layers resulted in a change on their density and tension. Fascia goes from dense gel state to fluid state.

John.F.Barnes “Health is not only about feeling better but getting better at feeling”.

When muscles contract, they stretch fascia, so when fascia is stretched, it needs releasing. You can release fascia by stretching regularly. Try yoga or pilates, classes offer superb techniques to aid strength and flexibility.

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Sports Event

I recently attended my first sports event, The Walton Wobble 10k 2017 as their events masseur. Organised by JC Race Solutions An experience I had not encountered, a whole new world for me! I went with the intention to offer leg massages pre and post race. The turn out was great for this sports event, I was amazed as to how many runners had turned up on such a bitterly cold Sunday morning! Undeterred, they completed the race and I had client runners requesting leg massages. Since then, runners have booked to attend my home based business for a full therapeutic massage.

During my time at The Walton Wobble sports event, I was approached by Mash Running and have agreed to attend their organised race events.

I am now busy organising appropriate outdoor wear, equipment and marketing materials suitable for further sports events. So if your looking for a masseur that can offer muscle tension relief for your sports event, please contact Jan. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bespoke Gift Vouchers

Bespoke Gift Vouchers;

Available to order, either Monetary or Treatment related.

Suitable for any age, an Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den Gift Voucher will provide the recover of the gift an eight hour scented candle, an intense stick, the gift of your choice, a loyalty stamp to start or add to their collection towards 10% discount and a Pukka tea bag to infuse while relaxing. A perfect gift for someone who enjoys relaxation time, requires specific treatment or a great introduction to Holistic Treatment.


Contact Jan to order your Bespoke Gift Voucher.