Sports Massage Myofascial Release & Aromatherapy Massage.

Sports Massage

Myofascial Release Therapy

What is Myofascial Release Therapy? It is a treatment which works to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue. This will allow the muscles to work efficiently and allows chronic patterns of dysfunction to move more freely.

Myofascial Release Therapy has become a very popular technique in the last few years but available for hundreds of years!

Myo = muscle      Fascia = band

” The Fascia proves itself to be the probable matrix of life & death.” A.T.Still. 1899

Dr Ida Rolf; the first to popularise fascial work. She found the application of very considerable force along the fascial layers resulted in a change on their density and tension. Fascia goes from dense gel state to fluid state.

John.F.Barnes “Health is not only about feeling better but getting better at feeling”.

How does Myofascial Release work?

When muscles contract, they stretch fascia, so when fascia is stretched, it needs releasing. The skin is massaged then with a slow massage technique, the fascia is softened from a tense state to a softened state. The release occurs after passing over the tension area several times.

You can perform Myofascial Release on yourself daily by slow gentle stretches also regular relaxation. Try yoga or pilates, classes offer superb techniques to aid strength and flexibility.










Relax your muscles and relieve tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy has been used for many centuries, although the name used today has only been recognised since 20th Century! Aromatherapy is used for physical and psychological purposes; oils being used for treatments of illness. (First recordings 5000BC).

The Chinese were the first culture to use aromatic plants for wellbeing purposes, practising during intense in creating balance and harmony. Egyptians used aromatic oils widely; cedar wood, cinnamon, clove, and myrrh. Now, infused oils are used for cosmetic use, spiritual, medicinal and fragrance. (It is thought Egyptians coined the term ‘perfume’ from the Latin ‘per fumum’, which translate as ‘through the smoke’. Accessed; 09Nov2016

The benefits of Aromatherapy are vast; the oils help relaxation, for the uplifting effects of emotional wellbeing, relieves tension, helps reduce anxiety and stress giving a balance to the bodies core. Aromatherapy can also work as a sedative or a soothing, calming benefit.

How does aromatherapy work?

Each aromatherapy essential oil has its own therapeutic properties. 
These are extracts from flowers, leaves, trees, resins and spices. The treatment also has the benefit of physical wellbeing by inhalation and absorption through the skin by diffusion through the capillaries benefiting by warming the skin, muscles and then the routine stimulates the lymphatic system to aid removal of toxins and nourishment for the nervous system. Hence, an holistic approach for the whole of the body.

The oils carry on the therapy long after the massage has stopped… and the effects can last for days. This is such an excellent treatment for pampering or treatment. The aromatherapy essential oils are blended at each appointment, bespoke to each client and no pre-blends are ever used.

Seek medical advise prior to any treatment.

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