What Have you Been Advised?
Posture and Daily Stretches are good for the health of our musculoskeletal system. The most ‘Important Overall Posture’ is balance or alignment. Strength and flexibility in daily stretches is so important to maintaining a good posture, so keep a Check on your Posture.

Many of us have visited our GP’s or seen a physiotherapist about pain we are experiencing in some part of our body. We are advised stretching exercise. Do we do them? How often? Do we do them until we feel ‘better’ then stop? Remember Posture and Daily Stretches!

Here is a link from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website for patients and public. Which exercise have you been given?  

My advise – keep stretching every day of your life.

If for any reason you are experiencing tension, focus on where you have ‘pain’ and understand many ailments are caused by our repetitive poor posture. We need to address this and alter our posture before its repetitive poor alignment results in further pain and disability!

So if you find you already do all of the above but still have pain, seek advise from your Musculoskeletal Specialist, Kore Therapy Consultant Jan and make a booking to Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den for a unique musculoskeletal Assessment, bespoke Kore Therapy treatment or the advanced technique of Myofascial Release linked in with a massage (aromatherapy massage requires a patch test, six monthly expiry).


Gentle Strength & Flexibility Stretches

Back Stretches – Scroll down to watch the video.

Warm up Before Exercise – Follow the diagrams.

Stretching After Exercise – Follow the diagrams.

Knee Stretches – Follow the diagrams.

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It’s All About The Poas! October 2017
Since working with the Myofascial Release Technique, (MFR) I have realised what an important role our Psoas has within our body. Never hearing of this muscle before taking a yoga class a few years back, then gaining further insight into the  MFR technique, I cannot emphasise enough, how important it is for us all to stretch our Psoas!

So, where is the Psoas? We know from the previous paragraph that it is a muscle, but until now… can only hazard a guess…. or do you know where it is! It is situated at the front of the thoracic and lumber spine, attaching at the hip. It is so important in the movement of the spine, down or the hip, up.

The Psoas can be responsible for chronic back pain and poor flexibility, poor posture and inadequate movement of your legs. Keep your Psoas stretched regularly and it can become more flexible.

How can we ensure back pain is minimised? Keep moving and stretching! Build up your strength and reduce discomfort or even pain. So forget a sedentary life…. it will shorten your hip flexors! Move it or loose it!

A Video showing the Psoas Muscle and how to stretch it!

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