Stretching Exercise; What have you been advised?

Many of us have visited the Doctor’s or seen a physiotherapist about pain we are experiencing in some part of our body. We are advised stretching exercise. Do we do them? How often? Do we do them until we feel ‘better’ then stop?

Here is a link from he Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website for patients and public. Which exercise have you been given?  

My advise – keep stretching every day of your life.

If for any reason you are experiencing tension, focus on where you have ‘pain’ and understand many ailments are caused by our repetitive poor posture. We need to address this and alter our posture before its repetitive poor alignment results in pain and disability!

So if you find you already do all of the above but still have pain, seek advise from your general practitioner, physiotherapist and then when you have mechanical concerns ruled out, make a booking to Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den for the advanced technique of Myofascial Release linked in with a massage (aromatherapy massage requires a patch test, six monthly expiry).

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