KORE Therapy

KORE Therapy
KORE is a unique holistic therapy which combines numerous different treatment methods from both Western and Asian medicine in order to identify imbalances and physical handicaps, especially in the muscular system, which lead to health disorders.

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What is KORE & who is KORE for?

The real causes of health disorders are manually treated on the basis of this diagnosis and muscular function tests; immediate neurological changes and improvements in the muscular system then become clear.

The muscular function tests mean that the KORE therapy can quickly and effectively seek out neurological imbalances which are caused by injuries and general health problems. Thanks to the application of treatment techniques using the KORE therapy, rapid improvements in sports performance, significant increases in muscular power and considerable reductions in recovery time can be achieved.

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Cancellation Policy

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den wishes to give all clients a flexible choice of appointment times and consultation.

The Cancellation Policy reflects on good practise by all in keeping to appointment times arranged.

‘If you cannot make your appointment,
let someone else have the opportunity to attend.’

At least twenty four hours notice must be given to cancel or re-arrange an appointment. There will be no charge for this, although if left until the time of appointment, charges will occur.
(Jan is a sole trader; this will give other clients the opportunity to book an appointment for therapist time and expertise.)

A missed appointment will be classed as a no show and will be invoiced at the full cost. Non attendance has to take into account for the preparation of the room; as if the appointment occurred.

Booking by Appointment Only

KORE Specialists undergo intensive training in KORE’s unique techniques to offer you the best, most effective service possible.

While you remain fully clothed, your Specialist will conduct selected muscle tests from your symptoms & medical history to help pinpoint the source of any issues, pain or inflammation. Once the cause has been identified, KORE’s powerful interventions will release restrictions & imbalances that help to initiate the body’s healing processes. Often one short treatment is enough to start to see a difference. There are Professionals across the world. Find your nearest practitioner now to kick start your recovery.

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