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KORE Therapy
KORE Therapy’s award winning approach and focus to wellness and recovery has received plaudits from around the world. Our therapy is now practised in China, Germany, Bulgaria and Great Britain.

We have worked with corporate organisations including government councils, Fiat, the Chamber of Commerce, police and ambulance services to name a few, where KORE addressed range of physical and psychological conditions.

In fitness and sports, organisations including international and premiership football teams, Olympic athletes, tennis, cricket and athletics have all used KORE for injuries, mental and emotional focus and fatigue.

Also our unique approach to holistic and wellness balance has gained training contracts with Four Seasons, Mercure and Steigenberger hotels. Also with top spas and health centres around the world.

KORE Therapy is now here in Stone!

It is at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den. Contact Jan to book your consultation, assessment and treatment – captains_den@icloud.com

Terms and conditions

How does KORE work?
KORE uniquely integrates both Oriental and Western medicine using hands-on intervention to address many different symptoms of illness. By using muscle tests we can identify problem areas in the nervous system that are often caused by physical imbalance. These imbalances lead to various conditions of both the mind and the body including pain, poor sleep, fatigue and chemical changes that eventually feed through to emotional and mental issues.

In China all mental and emotional illness was diagnosed to system (organ) imbalance within the body, which gradually degrades the quality of blood and hormone production. This chemical imbalance would then have a knock-on effect to the normal operation of mental/emotional balance within the brain.

An imbalance in individual organs can lead to predictable emotional changes, so for thousands of years medicine and treatment has been successfully directed at the physical aspects that cause organ imbalance. Intervention such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and hands-on release treatment is used to aid recovery and wellness.

For example:-
An imbalance in Liver function typically brings forward emotions of anger, frustration, and bitterness. But it can also lead to quick personality changes from laughter to crying. Some of the physical signs of Liver imbalance can be constipation, joint pain and poor circulation.

When we see these imbalances and irritations we often find the client’s spine is tight and inflamed in the T8-T10 region, so recovery must start by releasing the root cause to both physical and mental health.

KORE’s clinical experience has taught us that if we add structural release techniques too, we often get clear fast changes in personality and the wellbeing of the client.

Though many years of clinical development, KORE understands the importance of recovery, prevention and self-help techniques that has gained our clients fast positive results and continues to help them.

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Cancellation Policy

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den wishes to give all clients a flexible choice of appointment times and consultation.

The Cancellation Policy reflects on good practise by all in keeping to appointment times arranged.

‘If you cannot make your appointment,
let someone else have the opportunity to attend.’

At least twenty four hours notice must be given to cancel or re-arrange an appointment. There will be no charge for this, although if left until the time of appointment, charges will occur.
(Jan is a sole trader; this will give other clients the opportunity to book an appointment for therapist time and expertise.)

A missed appointment will be classed as a no show and will be invoiced at the full cost. Non attendance has to take into account for the preparation of the room; as if the appointment occurred.

Booking by Appointment Only