Advanced Therapy

Advanced therapy is given for the benefit of improving structural balance, function and movement of your body. There are many forms of advanced therapy, here at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den the following therapies may be integrated in with your treatment.

Advanced Therapy – Myofascial Release
This technique glides along the skin to release tension in the fascia / connective tissue of the body (Myofascial). Myofascial Release technique, releases fascia, in turn, the tension around muscles which have spasmed can release. This release will allow the muscles to work more efficiently and allow the chronic patterns of dysfunction to move more freely. Myofascial Release Therapy has become a very popular technique in the last few years but has been available for hundreds of years!

Myo = muscle      Fascia = band

” The Fascia proves itself to be the probable matrix of life & death.” A.T.Still. 1899

Dr Ida Rolf; the first to popularise fascial work. She found the application of very considerable force along the fascial layers resulted in a change on their density and tension. Fascia goes from dense gel state to fluid state.

John.F.Barnes “Health is not only about feeling better but getting better at feeling”.

How does Myofascial Release work?

When muscles contract, they stretch fascia, so when fascia is stretched, it needs releasing. The fascia is softened from a tense state to a softened state. The release occurs after passing over the tension area several times and the soft tissue is released. There is a measurable effectiveness as functionally will feel improved as there is a change in muscle resistance.

You can perform Myofascial Release on yourself daily by slow gentle stretches for up to 30 seconds also regular relaxation. Try yoga or pilates, classes offer superb techniques to aid strength and flexibility.

Advanced Therapy – Cupping; integrated with your advanced therapy massage to deliver a deeper tissue therapy. The treatment encourages the blood supply to the stagnant areas and helps to increase circulation.

Click here for further information on Cupping.

Postural analysis is assessed during your appointment with trigger point assessment analysed along with stretching of key areas which cause discomfort. This all works towards promoting mobilisation and self care for improvement of your condition. (Photos may be taken using your devise to highlight your posture)

Therapeutic Stretches Tailored to Your Needs

Myfascial Release to the neck
Holistic Events_1 £10 for 20 mins taster session
Myofascial Release to the shoulder
Holistic Events_2 £10 for 20 mins taster session








Post Race Massage * Stretch Events £5