Treatments available at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den reflect the results of an assessment initially carried out at your appointment. You may wish to book individual treatments. Please seek further advice prior to scheduling as time needs to be allotted accordingly. You are required to sign the Terms and Conditions / GDPR OPT IN documentation prior to treatment. See link

In these ‘unprecedented times’, I am acknowledging the key workers. They are putting themselves and who they either work or live with at risk each time they go out of their home! I for one cannot thank you enough for your continued work and salute you in what you are already having to endure! Many, many thanks for what you are doing!

CoVid19 Treatment & Prevention Techniques Advice:
Be Your Best – Stay well. Immune boosting videos forwarded from Dr John Brazier to help us all during our time of ‘lockdown’.

Coronavirus Symptoms


Keeping Workers and Clients Safe During Covid 19 in Cose Contact Services

Full Body KORE Musculoskeletal Therapy Assessment £45
(**Final Assessments** taking place for KORE Therapy. Introductory Price until Consultant Diploma in KORE Therapy achieved)

Total appointment time
including consultation, feedback and self care advise
60 Minutes

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage £50
Bespoke aromatherapy essential oils blended to give a gentle, relaxing, uplifting or detoxing treatment for Back, Legs, Feet, Abdomen (optional), Arms, Hands, Neck, Shoulders & Scalp.
Total appointment time
including consultation, feedback and self care advise
60 Minutes

Aromatherapy Massage £30
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Face, Neck & shoulders
Total appointment time;
including consultation, feedback and self care advise
40 Minutes

(All previously 2020 bought vouchers will be honoured)
Order your voucher –
Those who have a medical condition, who are taking medication, are pregnant or breast feeding should consult their GP, midwife or other health professional before having any treatment.
Loyalty Scheme

Cancellation Policy

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den wishes to give all clients a flexible choice of appointment times and consultation. 

The Cancellation Policy reflects on good practise by all in keeping to appointment times arranged. 

‘If you cannot make your appointment,
let someone else have the opportunity to attend.’

At least twenty four hours notice must be given to cancel or re-arrange an appointment. There will be no charge for this, although if left until the time of appointment, charges will occur.
(Jan is a sole trader; this will give other clients the opportunity to book an appointment for therapist time and expertise.)

A missed appointment will be classed as a no show and will be invoiced at the full cost. Non attendance has to take into account for the preparation of the room; as if the appointment occurred.

Booking by Appointment Only

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