Amno Fu 

5 Elements Abdominal Massage &
Tongue Diagnosis

Amno Fu, Abdominal Massage, is Chinese healing based on ancient theories. It is believed that our internal organs enhance and control our physiological and psychological functions. (Western anatomy and physiology are quite different from the Chinese view). Massage treatments, dating back to 11th – 14th Centuries BC show illustrated inscriptions on bones.

Amno = ‘pressing massage’ Fu = ‘organ’

The Chinese theory of internal organs (Zang Fu) is based on the flow of ‘Qi’. Qi is the energy flow or life force of our bodies. Qi interconnects the organs through channels known as ‘meridians’. Each organ is not only an anatomical unit but linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) functions. These TCM functions cover the 5 Elements Theory.  

What is observed?
Qi flow was observed to become blocked in some internal organs; leading to negative emotions and ill health. The abdomen feels tangled and knotted in these cases. This is felt in the small intestines:-
Anger contracts the right side (Liver)
Worry affects the upper left side (Spleen)
Impatience and anxiety (Upper mid Abdomen)
Sadness (Bilateral sides)
Fear (Lower abdomen)

Our abdomen is known as our ‘Second Brain’.

Abdominal Massage
Amno Fu, Abdominal Massage, is compression and acupuncture points of the abdomen. Amno Fu, Abdominal Massage, clears blockages and stimulate the flow of Qi energy. Good health is promoted and organs can function at their best ability for individual person and their lifestyle.
Many things can affect our internal functioning; stress being the major culprit! Scar tissue from operations and accidents can also play their part in the disfunction of our internal organs by causing torsion of the soft tissue. 


In times of fight or flight reactions, (Trauma and stress) our bowels are directly affected. At this time, the blood flow is diminished, while racing to the vital organs of our bodies to enable a rapid response. The bowels become twisted and taught and an imbalance of general absorption occurs. Normal water absorption and nutritional intake are disrupted therefore the bodies all important immune system and Qi breaks down! The twisted taught areas can cause pockets of un-expelled toxins. If undetected, over many years, conditions known to us as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can develop!  

Amno Fu, Abdominal Massage, is an oil based massage technique encouraging the stagnation of trapped fluids and torsion to move. Relaxation of the abdomen influences a recovery to the digestive system and in return the whole of the body system. Amno Fu has a huge impact on the improved functionality of the overall conditions of an individual. 

Recommendations for Amno Fu (pending assessment):-
Trapped wind, Abdominal distortion or pain, Constipation, diarrhoea, Water retention, 
Dysfunctional valves, Lower back pain, fatigue, headaches, fluttering heart, 
Dark circles under eyes, sciatica, candida, neck tension, right side shoulder pain.

Contra – indications to Abdominal Massage eg:-
Acute infections
Abdominal tumours, cancers, gastric & duodenal perforation.
Abdominal burns or scalds, ulcerating dermatitis
Severe heart or liver disease, critical illness!
Deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, psoriasis, eczema

Who receives Amno Fu?
The need for Amno Fu is assessed by a neurological test. By challenging the nervous system / Qi flow, a determination for treating the imbalance will be discovered. (Book a KORE Assessment if you are experiencing abdominal symptoms, fatigue, lower mood, to name a few to establish which is the best course of treatment for you.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a
Theory of 5 elements.
Each element exists in nature and in the human body, as an organ. Any imbalances of our systems show up as a symptoms in one or both Zang Fu organs and their meridians.

Yin Organs (Zang) = Solid Organs =

Yang Organs (Fu) Hollow Organs =
Sml.Int Stomach Lge.Int BLADDER GallBlad’

The Five Element Theory is a way of communication that the whole body works inter-dependently. Every internal organ and the associated processes are influencing each other and being influenced by the environment, both supporting and limiting!

Sense Organs associated with the 5 Elements Theory in relation to Zang Fu

Emotion associated with the 5 Elements Theory in relation to Zang Fu

Associated Tissue and body part

Associated Taste

Associated Season

Associated Weather

The cycle of the five elements describes the ways the mother element promotes the growth and development of the child element.

WOOD generates FIRE generates EARTH
generates METAL generates WATER 

HEART, heats, yang, warms & nourishes – Digestion

SPLEEN, energy, moistens & builds – Lung energy; minerals, vitamins & immunity

LUNGS, energy; aids  KIDNEYS, water & Qi function

KIDNEYS; essence builds LIVER; blood & Qi

LIVER, blood nourishes the HEART; happiness & sleep.


The ‘King’ of all emotions! The heart houses the mind! It dominates the blood, blood vessels and circulation. The hearts energy opens into the tongue and manifests in the face. 


The spleen manufactures Qi and blood, it also controls the blood. It governs transportation and transformation of food. The spleen energy opens into the mouth, manifests on the lips and dominates the muscles and limbs.


The lungs govern Qi and control respiration. They dominate descending and dispersion, regulating the water passages. Lung energy manifests on the skins and body hair and open to the nose.


The kidneys are the battery pack of the body. They receive Qi. They store essence. They dominate development, reproduction and water metabolism. The kidney energy opens into the ears and manifests in the hair. Kidney energy control the lower orifices. It dominates bone and produces marrow. (Psoas, C1)


The liver energy stores blood. It nourishes and controls sinews (ligaments and tendons). Liver energy manifests in the nails. The energy opens into the eyes and maintains the free flow of Qi. 

Where Qi Flows = Blood Flows

Common Symptoms of Organ Dysfunction Based on Chinese Traditional Medicine. 


Circulatory problems. Blood pressure problems – high / low. Palpitations. Memory Loss. Depression, anxiety, mania. Insomnia (mind related). Sweating


Digestion. Poor appetite. Bruise easily. Menstrual issues. Food allergies (ICV). Prolapses (Rectal, Vaginal, Bladder, Cervix, Haemorrhoids). Worrying / Overthinking. Muscle Fatigue


Respiratory concerns (Asthma, COPD, colds, chest infections). General Fatigue. Skin Issues. Oedema. Grief and sadness


Lower back pain. Fertility, premature ageing, hair issues (loss, dry, brittle). Menopausal heat / night heat. Poor growth development. Brittle bones (oesteoporosis). Dry asthma. Tinitus. Fatigue (C1). Memory loss. Oedema. Bladder issues


Joint / ligament issues (hyper-mobility). Dislocation. Stiffness. One sided migraines. Insomnia. Menstrual issues. Dizzyness / Vertigo. Circulatory issues / Blood pressure. Anger & Irritability

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