KORE Therapy

KORE Therapy

K. Kinaesthetic O. Optimum R. Recovery E. Enhancement
is a unique holistic therapy which combines numerous methods from both Western and Asian medicine. Kore Therapy identifies imbalances and physical handicaps, especially in the musculoskeletal system, which lead to health disorders. Our bodies have a vast amount of systems which in allowing health, function together. If we have a change in one system, other systems with be unbalanced!

When looking s the human body, all components are considered;
Spinal Mechanics, Muscular Balance, Bone Positions, Ligament Balance, Internal Organs, Food Intolerances, Cranial Balance, Emotional Stress, Blood Quality, Meridian and Energy Flow, Lymphatic Blockage, Psychology, Motivation and Neurological Organisation. Considering all of these components, the human, healthy body relies on FLOW (Qi). Any restrictions will lead to IMBALANCE and eventually illness / DIS EASE!

KORE Therapy connects five principles of complementary medicine; Philosophical Systems (Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM), Mind-Body Therapies (Muscle testing, Physical Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP), Medicinal Therapies (Nutritional Support, Food and Intolerance Testing), Manual Therapies (Tui Na Massage, Mobilisation, Spinal Adjustment, Re-patterning, Amno Fu, Abdominal Massage and Cupping) and Bio-energetic Therapies (Qi Gong, Cranial Balancing). So with these in mind, there are many treatments to consider as a therapist, to implement, as required following an assessment and how best to treat your symptoms.

Kore Therapy works to find the ‘route of the cause’ of your symptoms and once cause is found, symptoms settle.
Where Qi goes – Blood Flows

KORE Therapy is now here in Stone! Contact Jan at captains_den@icloud.com to book an assessment. 

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What is KORE & who is KORE for?

Human spine
Our spine is one of many most fascinating areas of our bodies. It is good to remember that the spine is in constant movement through; breathing (inhaling & exhaling), heart beating (cardiac & peristaltic movement), cranial sacral movement. 

Strains and weaknesses left untreated will lead to our body compensating! So do we struggle on? No! The problem occurring needs addressing before compensation takes over and the body really begins to struggle!

Kore Therapy is designed to focus on your energy (Qi) and the effort applied at the root cause of weakness. The problems are highlighted through KORE assessment, either caused by injury or illness and your body is alerted to normal balance. Full power will be in muscles, organs, senses and immune system. Don’t let reoccurring weaknesses continue. Seek advise from Jan at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, in Association with KORE, Stone. captains_den@icloud.com 


Vertebral Fixation
This occurs when at least two vertebra are ‘fixed’. The assessment will show bi lateral weakness (both sides). These concerns will show on an assessment where treatment will follow to correct the weakness. You will see a significant strengthening at your first appointment. Subsequent appointments will show progression or further areas which require treatment. One thing to remember, you will feel a huge improvement with your wellbeing. Keep focused on your posture, gentle stretching, breathing, diet and maintaining a good healthy immune system. 

If further treatment is required, restoration of our neurological disorganisation may be required. Energy patterns need to be re connected through two meridian pathways and by clearing small irritation in the spine. 

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KORE Specialists undergo intensive training in KORE’s unique techniques to offer you the best, most effective service possible.

While you remain fully clothed, your Specialist will conduct selected muscle tests from your symptoms & medical history to help pinpoint the source of any issues, pain or inflammation. Once the cause has been identified, KORE’s powerful interventions will release restrictions & imbalances that help to initiate the body’s healing processes. Often one short treatment is enough to start to see a difference. There are Professionals across the world. Find your nearest practitioner now to kick start your recovery.

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