Captain Den

So, why is my business called Captain’s Den?

On the 13th August 2010, Captain’s Den registered at Stafford Borough Council. The business concept had been developing some years previously. At first, a venture that was completely different from what I had been employed to do. Something that I found was a real break from nursing and teaching.

I later decided, to be successful, ‘stick to what you know’. Advice given from a friend some years back. I took a diploma in Aromatherapy in 2012 and have never looked back.

So, back to the question… why is my business called Captain’s Den…. I named it after my dad Dennis. He passed in 2009, knowing I was working towards a business venture. My dad was my inspiration, my motivator, encouraging me every step of the way. Dennis was ‘My Captain’, the captain of our family ship. The inspiration for us all. Today marks the eighth anniversary physically without him but I can feel his spiritual presence daily. A true legend. Thank you for all the love and support you gave me over the years 🙏🏼