Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy dates back centuries and has been widely used around the world. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates viewed cupping as a remedy for almost every type of disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, the use of cupping was expanded and included in surgery then in the 1950’s the Chinese confirmed its’ efficiency.

What are the benefits of cupping?
General the use of Cupping Therapy is to loosen the muscle, encourage blood and lymph flow, Qi flow (energy) and nerve flow throughout the body. It is widely used to treat:-
‘trapped nerves’, Pain, Stiff muscles, Migraines, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Cold & Flu, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Digestive issues, Cellulite

The most fascinating aspect of Cupping Therapy for me was the connection of the spinal nerve function, the areas or organ effected by the vertebral level and most importantly the possible symptoms a client could be experiencing.
For example:- We can all relate to our upper spine being the area of concern if we have a headache but would you think of treatment to Cervical (C) 1 – 3 for auditory concerns?

What is Cupping Therapy?
Cupping Therapy is used to move stagnation, congestion which has accumulated through lack of movement. The elements for stagnation are food, fluids, Qi and blood. Food stagnation can cause diarrhoea, constipation and a painful abdomen. Fluid stagnation can cause similar to food stagnation but also oedema of the hands and feet. Qi and blood stagnation can cause irritability, pain and depression.

What are the effects of Cupping Therapy?
Cupping Therapy works by a pull of low pressure onto the surface of the body created by a vacuum. The vacuum creates an increase in blood circulation, a rise on skin temperature, the promotion of metabolism within the skin tissue, better functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands and the removal of stagnant old blood and toxins. As the toxins and stagnant blood are pulled up to the surface, healthy circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients, lymph and Qi are restored underneath. You will feel relieved of tension, pain free, relaxed and energised.

What is observed with Cupping Therapy?
Sometimes cupping marks can be seen in the areas that have had treatment. These can be red, purple, pink and when fading, paler marks. These marks are NOT bruising! (Bruising is caused by impact trauma compressed breakage of capillaries and leakage of red blood cells. They are also painful to touch). Cupping does not compress and damage does not occur internally or externally. The longer the static cupping or the intensity, the more discolouration may occur.