It’s All About the Psoas!

Since being a #SportsTherapist and working with the #MyofascialReleaseTechnique, (MFR) I have realised what an important role our Psoas has within our body. Never hearing of this muscle before taking a yoga class a few years back, then gaining further insight into the  MFR technique, I cannot emphasise enough, how important it is for us all to stretch our Psoas!

So, where is the Psoas? We know from the previous paragraph that it is a muscle, but until now… can only hazard a guess…. or do you know where it is! It is situated at the front of the thoracic and lumber spine, attaching at the hip. It is so important in the movement of the spine, down or the hip, up.

The Psoas can be responsible for chronic back pain and poor flexibility, poor posture and inadequate movement of your legs. Keep your Psoas stretched regularly and it can become more flexible.

How can we ensure back pain is minimised? Keep moving and stretching! Build up your strength and reduce discomfort or even pain. So forget a sedentary life…. it will shorten your hip flexors! Move it or loose it!

A Video showing the Psoas Muscle and how to stretch it!

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