Massage as Part of Well – Being.

The Business

I focus my work on your well – being from home at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den, so there are numerous days I do not ‘leaving the building’! I felt it was important for my wellbeing to ‘get out more’. I started walking on a regular basis, ensuring I continued to eat a well balanced diet and socialise. There I feel I have achieved a life time achievement of having a good work / life balance!

The benefits of being outdoors working became apparent to me after an invite to my first ‘race’ (I say in inverted commas, as I was not a runner). I wanted more of this experience as I felt enthused by the energies of the runners, their commitment and motivation. 2017 was a year of increasing my experience with being an events masseur. I was very grateful to Matt, my nephew for the initial push I required to steer me in this direction. I was proud to be supporting Joe and Craig; JC Race Solutions and meeting Mark and Ash, from Mash Running. My experience was beginning to unfold.

The Article

I now refer to an article in one of my Massage World Journals. It focuses on the professional skills required, the sense of humour and the ability to work under pressure. The opportunity to be part of a much bigger team (this, I feel is very important to remind oneself of respect and discipline.) The article refers to motivation, communication, learning and educational skills and mentorship.

I have, up until this year, worked alone since my business venture started. I have now taken my skills and knowledge out in the field and built up on my resources. This year, 2018, I will be shadowing and working along side other professionals. A great way to follow mentorship values. As the article states; extend, understand, question and consider how different scopes of practice merge together.

Up until last year, I had little experience in the sports world but from this article it seems massage is not a term used to describe their service. I use massage as a basis for my service but from my back ground experience of nursing, teaching and a massage therapist; there is a lot more to my service.

The Treatments

Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den is the umbrella name for the services available. I advertise for aromatherapy massage, myofascial release massage, sports therapy, assessment, consultation and after care advise. In a nut shell, a lot goes into your booked appointment. A lot of skills, including communication, basic counselling skills, signposting, teaching, life long learning and much more. You, the client are looked at ‘holistically’. You may book for a certain treatment but the outcome will contain a great deal more for your health and wellbeing, physically and emotionally. Look at my reviews either on Google, FreeView, Facebook or by word of mouth to see what my clients think.

So, if you are a walker, runner, cyclist, climber, a club secretary, race director or have interest in massage as a tool to wellbeing, get in touch with Jan.

The Reference

Continual Professional Development; taken from reading. Massage World; Issue 98, 2017. Pg8- Massage as Pat of Medicine, Earle Abrahamson.