Relax in a safe, warm environment to receive a bespoke message

Ever wanted to relax in a safe, warm environment and receive a bespoke message? Well you can at Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den. Just a few minutes outside of the canal town Stone, Holistic Therapy at Captain’s Den is situated along Oulton road. It is a home based business with owner Jan being your therapist. Your appointment is available by booking only and subject to no medical concerns.

Your environment is warm, along with the reception you receive. You will quickly relax into this  setting as Jan puts you at ease with her calm, open approach to your appointment. Your appointment is your time, time for you to stop doing and start being. Health and wellbeing starts the minute you book time for you.

What can you get from the appointment? A massage….. thats the physical action received but for your mental wellbeing, you stop and have time for yourself. Most aches and pains are caused through tension created by our activities and responses to actions. Depending on what you have been doing, your body will respond. A build up of tension will cause muscles to spasm but what occurs along the length and width of your body, if you don’t stretch regularly is the fascial band throughout your body become more tense. Your body is taken out of balance and subsequently, will compensate for a short time until there is no further movement without discomfort. Here I am talking of muscular aches and pain. (Seek medical advise if you have an increase of unexplained pain.)

Welcome to the Holistic Room….Click here.