Response from Captains Den to the survey results 2011

1, A village take away service can be arrange! As Captains Den bake to demand, we would need forward thinking orders! We certainly would love to cater for the needs of the village. I also feel this is related to workers lunch needs. Deliver to area of work can be arranged with prior arrangement.

Thank you for your continued support and excellent feedback


2, Thank you, Captains Den aim to maintain the reliability for customers, meet your special occasions (afternoon tea style) and quality of taste, texture and ingredients. The experiments will keep on coming!

The business is expanding, catering for the mind, body and soul; Holistic therapy at Captains Den!  So not only will you dietary orders be catered for, you can relax, rejuvenate and have your symptoms massaged away.

Also for those special treats; Treasures at Captains Den is coming….. 2012


3, Thank you, glad to hear you are all satisfied with the products. You describe what you would like and Captains Den will endeavour to bake, decorate and deliver to your specification and specifically design a buffet menu for you!


4, Promotions and new products are at present updated via an open group on Facebook. Captains Den is improving the updating of the website details and will launch new look pages in the new year 2012.

Two mentions of galettes and oatcakes!! Go for it, place your order, here at Captains Den, we are always open to new ideas. Just because you cannot see it on the menu, does not mean we don’t bake it!!!

Service; I take this means more availability. We bake to order, so place a regular order and we can deliver to your specification. Waste is one thing that is not accepted, so mass baking has not been entertained at present! Go ahead, place that regular order…


5, Thank you very much for considering recommending Captains Den to others.


6, Thank you for your orders and on going support.

7, Your experience was what was expected and somewhat better. I am glad to hear this! We at Captains Den, strive to high standards of hygiene and quality of product rather than quantity!


8, Captains Den prices have been based on individual baking to order with minimal costing on running the establishment! 2012 has seen an increase in some prices to reflect the time effort and expense of producing quality fresh items with the professional look.


9,  This is wonderful to hear; the product quality is somewhat 25% and better 50% than competitors… Thank you so much… Onward with the fresh baking….


10, Extremely happy to recommend Captains Den 75%…  Brilliant; onwards…. Keep spreading the word..

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